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  • Advertising
    This guide presents selected print and electronic resources in advertising available through the Saudi Digital Library Digital Repositories, eBooks and eDatabases Subscriptions and open access web sites. This guide presents selected print and electron

    Keywords: advertising
  • Anthropology
    A library subject guide providing suggested resources and other information for beginning research in Anthropology, through the Saudi Digital Library Digital Repositories, eBooks and eDatabases Subscriptions and open access web sites.

    Keywords: anthropology
  • Archaeology
    A cross-cultural guide containing information on the world's prehistory. Archaeology Guide is a unique resource designed to facilitate comparative archaeological studies.

    Keywords: Archaeology , علم الآثار
  • Architecture
    This guide presents selected electronic resources in Architecture through SDL Digital Repositories, eDatabases Subscriptions and open access web sites. It provides access to resources related to the study of architecture, construction, and building.

    Keywords: Architecture, المعمارية
  • Art & Art History
    Welcome to SDL Research Guide for research on art and art history. This guide is intended as a starting place for researchers, pointing to tools for finding books, scholarly articles, reviews, and other topical and collection-related information.

    Keywords: Art, Art History, الفنون, تاريخ الفنون
  • Astronomy
    This Guide contains Astronomy resources and information. Links within tabs provide a starting place for your Astronomy research project.

    Keywords: astronomy, علم الفلك
  • Biology Science
    This guide presents selected resources in Biology Science available through the SDL digital repositories, eDatabaes and open access websites. It provides resources, strategies and information on conducting research in biology.

    Keywords: علم الاحياء, Biology Science
  • Biotechnology
    This guide describes and provides links to research and library resources for SDL members. to access medical information in Electronic databases. Health care books. Journals, research reports, and associations in biotechnology, medical devices, and pharma

    Keywords: biotechnology. التكنولوجيا الحيوية
  • Chemistry
    A library research guide providing suggested resources and other information for beginning research in Chemistry, through the Saudi Digital Library digital repositories, eBooks and eDatabases Subscriptions and open access web sites.

  • Computer Sciences
    A guide to finding books, articles, technical reports, patents, and other information about computer science at ٍSaudi Digital Library digital repositories, eDatabase subscriptions and open access web sites.

    Keywords: علوم الحاسب الآلي, نظم معلومات الحاسب ,Computer Sciences, Computer Information Systems
  • Education
    This guide assists those looking for research and information on education for all ages and subject areas from early childhood through higher education and adult lifelong learning. Our guide is primarily aimed at faculty, staff, and students at the Saudi

    Keywords: Education, التعليم
  • Electronics
    This guide introduces a selection of relevant information resources in the field of Electronics Engineering available to students and staff of Saudi universities, colleges and technical institutes. The Books tab offers a list of books and recommends S

  • Energy
    Research energy information to find: data, statistics, company profiles, industry overviews, market research, news, trends.

    Keywords: Energy, الطاقة
  • Engineering
    This guide provides basic resources for locating information related to engineering.

    Keywords: Engineering, الهندسة
  • English Literature
    This guide directs you to the best databases, reference tools, and on-line and print resources for Literature in English. It provides pointers to as many areas of scholarly interest as possible, from books and academic articles to reference resources and

    Keywords: English Literature, الأدب النجليزي
  • English Literature: Graduate Studies
    A subject guide designed for English Literature Graduate Scholarship.

    Keywords: الأدب الانجليزي - دراسات عليا, English Literature - Graduate Studies
  • Food Science
    Welcome to the Nutrition and Food Science Research Guide from SDL. In addition to subscribing to many premier bibliographic databases, SDL collects mainly books and periodicals in the field of food science to support the research, teaching, and outreach p

    Keywords: Food Science, علم الأطعمة
  • Geography
    Web-based research guide briefly explains the topic area, and then provide a wide range of helpful instructions for research strategies/resources such as: databases, indexes, encyclopedias, dictionaries, almanacs, directories, books, journals, newspapers,

  • Global Public Health
    SDL guide to internal and external resources for all those interested in the many facets of global public health.

    Keywords: Global Public Health
  • Health Sector Management & Policy (HSMP)
    SDL Guide to find resources in Health Sector Management and Policy Program in Medical & Science.

    Keywords: Health Management, Health Policy
  • History
    This guide is intended as a point of departure for research in history. Use this guide to find articles, books, reference sources and more for research in history. The guide focuses on online resources.

    Keywords: history, التاريخ
  • International Studies
    A guide to SDL databases and scholarly web sites in support of research in international relations and comparative politics.

    Keywords: International Studies, الدراسات الدولية
  • Islamic Studies
    Selected print and electronic resources in the subject of Islam available through the SDL Digital Libraries and open access web sites.

  • Library Science
    This guide lists all the major resources for research in Library and Information Sciences.

    Keywords: Library Science, علوم المكتبات
  • Maps
    A library guide to provide search tips for finding maps, atlases, aerial photos, GIS, and other cartographic materials for the domestic and regional areas.

    Keywords: Maps, خرئط
  • Mathematics
    This guide provides links to research information sources for Mathematics. Use this guide Books and Databases, places to access online resources, history of Mathematics, math fun and other Resources.

    Keywords: Mathematics, رياضيات
  • Mineral Engineering
    A research guide to help you find relevant books and articles in the field of mineral and mining engineering.

    Keywords: minerals, minerals engineering, المعادن, هندسة التعدين
  • Nursing Studies
    This guide presents selected resources in nursing and health studies available through SDL digital repositories, eDatabases Subscriptions and open access websites.

    Keywords: Nursing, Health
  • Philosophy
    The Philosophy Research Guide provides resources and strategies for all areas in philosophy, including subject headings for searching links to online books. The tabs include resources/databases for: Primary Sources - Primary texts Journal Articles

    Keywords: Philosophy, الفلسفة
  • Physics
    This guide will help you find information resources in Physics and Astronomy

  • Political Science
    Use this guide to find information and research on topics in the field of political science.

    Keywords: Political Science, العلوم السياسية
  • Public Health
    A guide to information resources relevant to public health research. Includes scholarly sources available through SDL, as well as links to public health information freely available on the web, including government documents and data sources.

    Keywords: Public Health, الصحة العامة
  • Sociology
    A selective guide to reference works in Sociology supported by SDL resources that goes beyond the basics. Includes dictionaries, encyclopedias, handbooks, guides to the literature, bibliographies, finding books, using indexes, annual reviews, style guides


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  • Art Libraries and Visual Resources
    A free, open-access library of images from academic and cultural institutions.

  • EPS 422: Applied Research Methods
    This guide presents select print & electronic resources in education available through the University of SDL digital repositories, databases subscriptions and open access web sites.

    Keywords: Applied Research Methods
  • INS 561 Negotiating & Bargaining
    A guide to researching labour relations including labour history, current economic conditions, negotiated wage settlements, grievance arbitration cases, legal writing, and citing sources.

    Keywords: Negotiating, Bargaining
  • KIN 746: Research Methods
    This is a one-stop Guide to assist researchers/postgraduate students in the research process. You will find information on the whole research process, publishing and other related topics.

  • Philosophy Critical Thinking
    With Good Reason: A Guide to Critical Thinking.

    Keywords: Philosophy Critical Thinking
  • TAL 191: Developmental Reading Skills for College Students
    This guide provides answers to what is developmental reading and the skills you need to have for proficient reading and of course the problem most students are facing in terms of reading.


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  • Open Access
    Open access is a means of taking advantage of the global reach and relative inexpensive of internet publishing to make peer-reviewed scholarly content freely available. This is another SDL Guide to help you find Open Access Content.

    Keywords: Open Access, الوصول الحر
    SDL Guides to Open Researcher and Contributor Identifier (ORCID)

    Keywords: ORCID, أوركيد
  • ORCID-Plus
    Having an ORCID is now an essential part of how researchers can keep track of their identity as they publish material, get grants, and gain impact, and it is open source (not proprietary). Some of the world’s largest publishers, funders, and institutions

  • Photography
    Selected print and electronic resources in Photography available through SDL digital repositories, databases subscriptions and open access web sites.

    Keywords: Photography, فن التصوير
  • Prince Mohammed University Guide
    PMU Programs Guide

  • ProQuest
  • Typography
    Resources for graphic arts and design classes. Welcome to the Graphic Arts and Typography Library Research Guide! Web Sites Books and Print Periodicals Magazine, Journal and Image Databases Job Searching

    Keywords: Typography, فن الطباعة

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