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Welcome to the Richter Library's Guide to Philosophy!

Hello all, and welcome to the University Libraries' Guide to Philosophy! The purpose of this guide is to help you navigate through the many philosophy-related resources available to you through the University Libraries system. Please feel free to contact the Philosophy librarian with requests for any books you might need. 
Table of Contents
The Philosophers Themselves

Need to know more about a particular philosopher?

A Companion to the Philosophers
Robert L. Arrington
B72 .C595 1999
The Cambridge Dictionary of Philosophy
Robert Audi (Editor)
B41 .C35 1999
Key Ideas in Human Thought
Kenneth McLeish (Editor)
B41 .K48 1993
The Oxford Companion to the Mind
Richard L. Gregory (Editor)
BF31 .O94 2004
The Oxford Dictionary of Philosophy
Simon Blackburn
B41 .B53 2008
A World of Ideas
Chris Rohmann
B41 .R64 1999
Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Donald M. Borchert
B51 .E53 2006
Encyclopedia of the Enlightenment
Alan Charles Kors (Editor)
B802 .E53 2003
The Oxford Companion to Philosophy
Ted Honderich (Editor)
B51 .O94 2005
A Little Bit of Philosophical Fiction.....
Sophie's World
Jostein Gaarder; Paulette Miller (Translator)
PT8951.17.A17 S6413 1994
Online Resources
The Oxford Companion to Philosophy
Ted Honderich
The Routledge Dictionary of Philosophy
Proudfoot; Lacey; Michael Proudfoot; A.R. Lacey
The Oxford Dictionary of Philosophy
Simon Blackburn
  • قاعدة العلوم التربوية والإجتماعية - EduSearch Restricted Resource Some full text available
    EduSearch, the leading Arab world for professionals and researchers in the field of education, educational, and other related social sciences, covering almost all base educational, scientific periodicals in Arabic in full text, in addition to the work and research conferences and seminars Language : Arabic Subscription required: Yes Country : Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Publisher : دار المنظومة Main database : قاعدة العلوم التربوية والإجتماعية - EduSearch
  • EthicShare
    EthicShare is a research and collaboration Web site for scholars working in the field of ethics. Developed with an initial focus on bioethics, the EthicShare collection features scholarly articles, books, archival and digital objects, popular press literature, dissertations, and commission reports, as well as blogs and other sources.




Online Databases
PhilPapers - Public
"PhilPapers is a comprehensive directory of online academic philosophy." - from
Internet Encyclopedias
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Run by Stanford University, the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (SEP) is dynamic, regularly updated reference work maintained by scholars in the field of philosophy.
Online Resources
What is Philosophy?
A Brief History of Philosophy
A Little Philosophical Humor
Ask a Librarian
Course guides